Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

The type of bookkeeping I do is remote from California and Oregon thus far. I do bookkeeping weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 months and annual. I can do payroll, online banking, 1099's, W-2; s and end of year tax preparations for taxes. I primarily work with QuickBooks software. I provide you with a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. The types of QuickBooks I use are PC based and online application.

Remote bookkeeping entails:

1. The client sends statements via email. I then enter the data and reconcile, which means that I take bank, credit card, Line of Credit statements and match them to the bank. Most tax and CPA Professionals prefer reconciled accounts.

2. Remotely access clients QuickBooks via the internet or LogMeIn software.

3. Remotely access client bank account and pay bills via online bill pay.

4. If client needs weekly deposits and payments, have that information sent to my address so I can process.

5. Remotely access client QuickBooks online, print statements from bank account, reconcile. As a side note: Most banks now can have the checking and savings set up for the bookkeeper. The owner creates a user name and password that the bookkeeper uses.

6. Log into the client banking information to print statements, enter data then reconcile.

7. Run a payroll via client QuickBooks on my PC.

Below are general terms used with accounting:

GAAP – General Accepted Accounting Principals
GAAP ensures conformity with the many different entities recording an accounting event. An accounting event is a double entry accounting system. One entry has another to balance.

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