About the Founder

About the Founder


understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the "great Small Business adventure" through first-hand experience. Patricia first embarked on the path to financial independence with a newspaper route at the age of nine. At age 17, she started her own business making stain glass windows. As her business became more successful, she transitioned into textiles and later received her Bachelor of Science degree in Textile Design at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. In each business, she handled all the company's business operations and accounting.

Patricia decided to focus on accounting and in a college job at a credit union she learned all positions within two years. It was during this time that a Certified Public Accountant discovered her talent for financial organization and began mentoring her. With his assistance, she gained a broad-based understanding of Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets. Patricia moved from bookkeeping to accounting, where she reported directly to the company's president, vice-president, and head of sales.

In the 1990s, Patricia's artistic side reasserted itself when she started her own hand-painted textile company. Her fabrics were displayed at the San Francisco Design Center, and her hand-painted garments were sold at Macy's in San Francisco.

In addition to Patricia's creative success, she still enjoyed the intellectual stimulation of finding ethical solutions to financial problems. For Patricia, unraveling numbers to reveal the best options ensuring success for small business owners is a skill and an art that requires unique creativity.

In 2000, Patricia launched SB (Small Business) Accounting Solutions, a bookkeeping and consulting business. Patricia's company is dedicated to helping small business owners envision, develop, and achieve their financial goals through her system of integrity, self-discipline, and balance.

As a result of her commitment to a strong business community, Patricia is an active member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

In her free time, Patricia enjoys yoga, meditation, reading, and gourmet cooking. She is an avid fan of the San Francisco Giants and San Francisco Forty-Niners.

Become more productive and create systems that keep the bottom line producing. Systems create efficiency, structure, and safety. For example, a client told me that she would like to invoice monthly. I asked what her current invoicing procedure was. "Well, it depends when I have time." My next question was about the state of her cash flow. "It has peaks and valleys." My note: "Inconsistent, and no structure." Inconsistent invoicing creates restlessness within. Once this client started invoicing consistently at the end of each month, she had more time to recruit sales. Over time consistency laid the foundation for safety, and she could move her focus to making sales because she knew in advance when she would do her invoicing. She had created structure and self discipline. She no longer worried about cash flow. She became confident within and her restlessness eased. These are important skills any small business owner can develop to prosper.

When it comes to present your business into a comprehensive solution Patricia has the necessary tools to bring chaos into order. If its getting your bank and credit card statements reconciled, to paying an employee, getting reports filed on time, a budget, or understand S-Corp, LLC, Partnership and Sole Proprietor. Patricia's no non sense type of personality takes the pain away by getting the information in order in an efficient manner. Patricia sets up systems that instill longevity with the client.
If your looking for an creative, smart, problem solver, private, discreet and likes variety look no further. Patricia's focus is on the client, she listens, ask questions to clarify and if a mistake happens she takes responsibility for that mistake.

"A small business is poised to succeed when the owner builds a foundation of smart operational systems. I have helped numerous small businesses develop that ground work. I can help you set up practical systems and realistic goals with timelines that will allow your business to strategically launch to new levels of success."

- Patricia Olson