Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I hire a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper needs to be hired when you establish your business. That can be in the beginning or at the end of the year. For most small businesses they start out doing there own bookkeeping. When it becomes overwhelming or payroll is to be considered they hire a bookkeeper.

2. What is the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper? Can you do both?

An accountant does taxes and bookkeeping. I do bookkeeping and can help with payroll. I can also provide help with Quickbooks

3. What Do I need to bring for you to do my payroll?

I would need your EIN number and your BIN number from the state. I would need your checking account routing and account number. As for the employees I would need your W4 form to set them up.

4. How can you help me with my taxes?

I can help with your taxes by organizing the data into a Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. For the Profit & Loss I enter the expenses and income. For the Balance Sheet I set up your Assets and Liabilities.

I specialize taking on companies that have a business size of 1 to 6 employees. For instance and single owner do the day to day bookkeeping. They need a bookkeeper to organize the data by taking their bank and credit card statements and entering the data. Once entered then I reconcile the books. What they get is a Profit and Loss on a monthly, quarterly basis.

A company that has an owner and one employee does the day to day bookkeeping then they hire a bookkeeper to do the payroll and monthly reconciliations. I may set them up on a quarterly basis doing their bookkeeping monthly but billing them at the end of the quarter. What they get is an Profit and Loss analysis of the previous quarter compared to the current quarter.

A company that has six employees will hire a bookkeeper to do the payroll and daily bookkeeping. The daily bookkeeping may be writing checks and doing some invoicing. At the end of the month I would reconcile the books. They would get a Profit and Loss at the end of the month.

If you can incorporate that I specialize in small business 1 to 6 employees that may peak some interest.