Distraction vs. Completion

Would anyone argue with us that the number one leading cause of not getting the results of the day would be distractions?  They disguise themselves in all types of form.  There was that customer who irate you and the scenario keep playing endlessly in your head with no end in sight. Some come from thinking into the future about that trip to the Bahamans next week.  Alternatively, we have to have that cup of coffee before we start our project. They also come into the form that date last night or the dishes that have been sitting for three days now.  The phone rings and next thing we know its an hour later.  Distractions we have list of them, which stop us from achieving our inner, most desires.  We will have lists until we die.  These distractions are stopping us from achieving the financial freedom in our business. How does one begin to not act upon them so we may focus on the moment and achieve what we want for the day?

The first step to stopping these distractions would be to identify them as they play havoc on our mind.  When the thought of that customer who keeps hanging around in the mind.   Ask yourself, what is my part in this?  Is there something that I have done to cause such suffering?  Once we identify with the cause then let it go.  Easier said then done.  The more we practice the easier the distraction wills Aleve itself.  This is a skill to calm the mind.  The more we practice the better we will become at identifying the distractions and letting them go.

A way to begin to eliminate those distracting thoughts is take time for us.  The more quiet time that we take to reflect on the day the sooner, we will learn about ourselves and how our mind works.  No one knows us better than no one knows ourselves.  Taking 5 minutes and working up to 30 to 40 minutes a day will tremendously help us quite those distractions.  The key is taking the five minutes.  Watch yourselves and see if any distractions come up like procrastination.  Oh, I will start taking 5 minutes next week then that turn into a month.  All our solutions to our distraction lie within our understanding of ourselves to begin to identify why we get distracted and how it truly stops us from achieving financial freedom