Organization – No Policies results No Guidelines

Repeatedly I will work with a small business and wonder why nothing is being done.  The flow of work does not flow from one department to another.  As I investigate further to the core of the problem, we will find that no policies have been put in place.  Policies create structure for everyone to build on.  This creates efficiency in the work place.  When they are not in place the business suffers and so do the employees.  Actually its dysfunction in the work place.  This dysfunction is just a carry over from our own family structure.  Think about it for a moment.  Majority of people came from a dysfunctional family.  Having no policies in place created the dysfunction.  The father and mother did not know their role, which created the dysfunction.  The children did not know whom to turn to for guidance to move in the appropriate direction.  Therefore dysfunction is born.  The same is true in our businesses today.

This happens in the workplace creating undo stress on employees and especially the business owner.  The business does not understand why sales creates their own sales which drive the accounting department crazy because the numbers don’t match the suggested price for the item that is being ordered.  Accounting then notifies the business owner of the problem who has a zillion of things on their mind.  Then blurts why don’t you take care of it isn’t that what the accounting department does?  In addition, the craziness just continues in a down world spin and nothing is accomplished.  Sales people, accounting, and the business owner are frustrated.  The sales people continue to create a problem, and accounting creates distance from it all.

What would happen if the sales people were held accountable?  How does this happen?  A policy is created that outlines a sales persons responsibility so when they follow they are held accountable.  This is how structure is created which makes for a better working environment.  When sales get out of line, they are called into the office and given a warning.  Just like the child who did a no no.  By having policies in place for every department, a foundation is in place.  From the foundation, a business can grow.  Without it they will continue to spiral.  People want to be held accountable.  The ones that do not we do not want them working with us anyway.  They will just find another place to carry on their own dysfunction.