Stress has many disguises

One word that describes the owner’s behavior:  Careless. A careless person has a disregard for his or her own good.  They do not take care of themselves.

Money and Stress

Many of the small business owners that I work with stress about money.  Matter of fact most of us do.  Not understanding money as a tool leads to those sleepless nights, anxiety, and spending carelessly.  Undue stress is created by he/she spending money.  They inflate themselves with clothes, vacations, cars, eating out at expensive restaurants, and so on, which in turn creates stress.  They begin to focus on money as the cause of all their stress, instead of looking at themselves and finding out why they spend.

Society likes to paint a pretty picture of how to spend our money.  This projection begins to feed on individual minds.  People begin to believe the painted pictured society projects.  This is the first mistake of creating stress.  Society is not reality.  What we see is not the way to act.  We have to observe our behavior to know the best solution, not what society sees fit.

Until we take a step back and ask themselves why they bought that 10,000 piece of jewelry then the real answers about money stress will emerge for the individual.

They have to look within to figure out the empty whole.